CGA Excavation Safety 811 Conference & Expo


Standard Testimonial  "Being a utility contractor from “DOWNUNDER” people often ask why I travel 40 hours to attend the annual CGA conference.  The answer for me is simple. Where else do you get the opportunity to understand the issues facing our industry from both a utility owners and contractors perspective, view the latest innovations and network with industry experts from around the world? As a result of attending CGA conferences my business and staff have access to many new systems and processes. For me personally I have made many acquaintances that I now count as great friends."

- Neil Costello, VAC Group (Contractor)

Standard Testimonial  "For contractors who want to maximize safety and minimize costly delays when working around existing facilities, attending the CGA Conference is an annual “can’t miss” event

- Allen S. Gray, NC/SC Government Relations, Utility Division (Contractor)

Water Testimonial "I have attended the CGA conference a number times, and each time I have attended and benefitted from plenty of educational sessions that relate to the water and wastewater utilities.  At the most recent conference I attended several cross bore sessions that helped our state 811 center put together an educational outreach program on cross bores - directly benefiting wastewater utilities.  I have also learned of many innovative products and services from the vendors.  I would recommend the CGA conference to any water or wastewater utility interested in damage prevention."

- Michael Kyle, Lancaster Area Sewer Authority (Water and Sewer Industry)

Water Testimonial "To understand damage prevention and safe excavating is a partnership that can save lives! Did you call 811 before your excavator intends to dig?"

- Deena D. Joyce, The Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) (Water and sewer industry)

Fiber Testimonial "The opportunity to discuss challenges and best practices with peers from many different segments of industry, from all over the world,  is an opportunity that pays huge dividends and shouldn’t be missed."

-Bryan Lantz, Verizon (Telco Industry)

Fiber Testimonial"Over the years I have been attending the CGA Conferences, some of the highlights for me have been the utility locator’s workshop, utility damage investigation workshop, OSHA trench safety demonstrations, Local Fire Department trench collapse rescue demonstrations, and networking with other utility damage prevention professionals."
- John C. Romanski, University of Central Florida (Telco industry)

Gas Oil Testimonial2 "Getting all of the latest and greatest information, whether it be PHMSA, technology, or new Damage Prevention/Public Awareness efforts is critical in our line of work. The CGA Conference allows me to do just that and bring it back to my company and put in use."

- Tiffany Springer, BP (Gas and Oil industry)

Gas Oil Testimonial2 "Great networking, get a better idea of what is happening in the industry across North America and beyond. Great opportunity to touch base with similar companies on similar issues"

- Corina Emde, Union Gas, Ltd. (G&O)

Locate Testimonial "Best single source of damage prevention information in the industry. It also has both experienced and new individuals."

- Claudette Campbell, Georgia 811 (One-call industry)

Locate Testimonial "This is the single most important event of the year for damage prevention."

- Louis Panzer, NC 811 (One-call)

Locate Testimonial "It is the place to become aware of all aspects of damage prevention and the people who are committed to this cause."

- Hoyt Lowder, HGB & Associates (Engineer)

Locate Testimonial "You can get much more out of a face to face meeting with individuals in your field than you can just be reading publications regarding our industry."

- Dennis Correll, So-Deep Inc. (Engineer)

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