2020 Pipeline Fatalities Accident Review, Best Practices and First Ever Online Training


Oct 14 2021


10:55 am - 11:55 am

2020 Pipeline Fatalities Accident Review, Best Practices and First Ever Online Training


  • 2020 Incident Review – 4 killed involving an underwater pipeline strike
  • New Best Practices review for protecting underwater utilities and pipelines
  • Cover regulations and laws that help prevent these events
  • Share and overview new resources and first ever online pipeline safety training (all FREE – from PHMSA Grant and CAMO)
  • Give PA/DP and Education “tools” to participants to take back from the conference and share

Basis of presentation – Build personnel and employee knowledge, skills and capacity.

Provide Safety Awareness, Education and DP for all utilities that run underwater.

Examples of why this presentation is needed –

Accident Articles from Friday, August 21, 2020-



Presentation Overview: There was another stark reminder Friday Aug 21, 2020 in Corpus Christi, that safety concerns and risks are always present in our industries. Our thoughts and prayers are with the workers, first responders, and their families where the barge/ pipeline incident happened.

Tragedies do challenge us further — while juggling so many responsibilities. The heightened awareness that this unfortunate explosion causes among us may prompt reflection on worker preparedness. CAMO would like to respectfully offer a new FREE online training opportunity (registration link below) that builds skills for working safely near underwater pipelines.

We, of course, make no judgements about the factors that caused the accident.

This recent accident should cause reflection on personnel or worker capacity in your organization, we are offering a free learning opportunity that includes pipeline best practices for Avoidance Measures, Reporting, Safety Checklists, communications among all parties, and pre-project planning timelines to greatly minimize risks.

First Ever – WORKING SAFELY NEAR UNDERWATER PIPELINES online training just launched on July 21st, 2020 and we have had very positive feedback, such as:

  • Perfect pace
  • Simple straight-forward presentation
  • Nicely organized and easy to follow
  • It is direct and explains the NEEDED information.

This is for all marine construction, dredging, coastal restoration, pipeline companies, agencies, ports, mariners and emergency responder personnel:

  • The US DOT – PHMSA (Pipelines and Hazardous Materials Safety
  • Administration) provided Technical Assistance Grant #693JK31940015PTAG to the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation, who partnered with Coastal and Marine Operators (CAMO) to create this online training.
  • Presenter: CAMO
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