Building Relationships and Reducing Damages


Oct 13 2021


4:15 pm - 5:00 pm

Building Relationships and Reducing Damages


Most companies in the damage prevention community have been tasked with reducing damages but, why is preventing damages so important? I’m sure you know the obvious ones, safety, KPI’s, your boss says so, etc. However, one that many companies don’t think about is improving the relationship between utilities and excavators. How companies decide to reduce damages can be done through many different paths. A patroller program is a new emerging way to reduce them and help build that relationship.

Before I get in to deep, I should step back and explain what a patroller program is. With a greater focus on damage prevention, patroller programs have emerged into an effective way to reduce damages. A patroller program utilizes… well patrollers… to inspect excavators while they are digging near underground facilities. The patroller will work with and guide the excavator in following all damage prevention laws and best practices.

This talk will be aimed at building solid relationships between utilities, locators and excavators. By building these relationships, each party will be more educated and focused on reducing damages. The tips I will provide will not only help utility companies run an effective program, but it will help excavators work safely, carefully and precisely. A patroller program really highlighted way damage prevention is a shared responsibility.


Utility companies utilize several strategies aimed at reducing damages. With a greater focus on pro-active damage prevention, a patroller program is an emerging strategy focused on building a working relationship between the utility and the excavator to prevent damages. This session will focus on the techniques run an effective patroller program which has been proven to reduced damages.

  • Presenter: Orange Rockland
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