Pipeline Damage Prevention and Florida’s Enforcement


Oct 13 2021


10:55 am - 11:55 am

Pipeline Damage Prevention and Florida’s Enforcement


As Florida’s largest gas utility, Peoples Gas responds daily to excavation damages of our underground pipeline facilities, impacting our customer, the public, team members and the pipeline infrastructure.   With little enforcement of Florida’s Sunshine 811 requirements, Peoples Gas continues to see a significant number of damages to our pipelines by excavators that have not called for an underground utility locate request.

In addition, Peoples Gas also manages and processes over 560k locate request annually, and has made changes within the Damage Prevention team to enhance the field engagement with excavators and line locators to drive education, training and awareness of pipeline safety.


  • Florida’s amendment to the “Underground Facility Damage Prevention and Safety Act,” Chapter 556, Florida Statutes, enhancing the enforcement of pipeline damage
  • Impacts of the new law and the cross-company team collaboration to implement
  • Damage Prevention team restructuring and improvements to excavator field engagements
  • Creation of Damage Prevention Coordinators, and their responsibilities to drive damage prevention and awareness
  • Implementation of locator QA/QC program
  • Technology utilized to manage the ticket volume and the various associated risk
  • Presenter: TECO and Sunshine 811
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