Reaching your audience during Covid19 – PA efforts that work


Oct 14 2021


9:45 am - 10:45 am

Reaching your audience during Covid19 – PA efforts that work


The CenterPoint Energy public awareness program reaches stakeholders across 9 states.  The program goes beyond being compliant with RP1162.  The PA efforts are truly moving the needle to increase awareness, educate stakeholders and changing behaviors that results in reduction of underground damages. By using the various levels of damage data, the public awareness efforts are targeted and getting specific, measurable results.

Over 30% of our Texas damages are from excavators not requesting an 811 ticket.  Current Market Research focused on those who have damaged a CNP line without an 811 ticket will help us better understand what is driving the decision to not use the system.  Information learned from the in-depth interviews being held now will shape future communication and education efforts.


CenterPoint Energy has been creative in reaching various stakeholders in 2020.

One example is hiring Kona Ice trucks to distribute frozen treats in 8 different states on 811 Day. This was a turnkey event with limited internal resource required.  Designated employee(s) were able to accompany the truck and engage with the public in a safe setting during a time Americans were excited to see visitors to their job site, neighborhood, or local shopping center.

Several precautions were taken to ensure the health and safety of all participants, including the public and our designated employee during Covid19.

This effort and many others we have rolled out this year allowed the damage prevention department to work with various departments within the company and build those internal public awareness ambassadors at a new level.   At the start of Covid CenterPoint Energy had launched an employee contest for April, NSDM.  The promotion and participation in that contest had to shift and look very different.  But the results were outstanding – the participation increased over 2019.

The damage data helps identify areas we can initiate proactive measures.  In addition to the basic geography data, we trend the type of work being done, type of equipment being used, work done for and other key factors that helps us not only find the right audience but craft a message specific enough to get their attention.

The recent success from our public awareness efforts across 9 states is remarkable and we would be honored to share the story it with CGA stakeholders at the 2021 conference.

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