Technology for the Modern 811 Call Center


Oct 14 2021


10:55 am - 11:55 am

Technology for the Modern 811 Call Center


As the CGA begins a new step in building a foundation for elevating the efforts to keep stakeholders secure and safe when excavating, the challenge of introducing new technologies at the call center should be a focus of our industry.  Since the 811 Notification Centers are the hub for the damage prevention efforts, many have embraced education in order to ensure safe digging practices.  Recently, more call centers have started to evaluate new technologies to ensure safe and accurate dig sites can be created by the operator, but more importantly, the web user.  With more and more businesses embracing the work at home model, how are the modern call centers using technology to provide safe, accurate and authentic dig request notifications.


This panel will consist of technology leaders in the 811 Call Center space.  From the largest providers in software to vendor run solutions, the Presidents (CEOs) will share a look into the future and discuss how leveraging today’s technologies will provide safe environments for this ever-changing landscape.  Discussion will focus on web based ticket creation, geospatial notification, risk scoring and more.

Executives from Norfield Data Partners, Pelican, Progressive Partners, One Call Concepts and 4iQ Solutions would sit on the panel.

This would provide an opportunity for call centers to understand the technology challenges facing the industry today and how each company would distinguish itself and its approach.

  • Presenter: Jason Adams/4IQ
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