To Dig or …Not to dig?


Oct 13 2021


4:15 pm - 5:00 pm

To Dig or …Not to dig?


Our presentation will review the past vs. current possibilities of leveraging ASCE 38-02/20 standards and best practices with precision mapping technology to provide universal visibility of vital utility assets and location, that will not only reduce line strikes and the cost of repairs, but also improve overall awareness and public safety.


Reducing utility strikes and improving safety all start with accurate, geospatially referenced and accessible records.  Poor utility records increase risk and costs for civil projects, private developments, and utility infrastructure installations. These risks and costs can be reduced by capturing and recording standardized utility data at the time of installation, and systematically recording standardized data on existing utilities exposed during ongoing construction.

Today I will discuss how the Colorado Revised Statue C.R.S. 9-1.5-101 (811 Law) impacts management of utility data, within State Highway Right of Ways. In particular, we will discuss how permitted utilities are leveraging new technologies. Utilizing asset mapping enables CDOT to efficiently gather as-built locations about infrastructure installed within the State’s Right of Way…..

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