Virtual Reality (VR) Damage Prevention Training

Innovation Track


Oct 14 2021


2:15 pm - 3:15 pm

Virtual Reality (VR) Damage Prevention Training


During this presentation, participants will learn about new and improved ways to train and test the knowledge of those performing damage prevention activities. This includes locators (e.g., utility or contractors) excavators (utility or contractors), and other stakeholders. This presentation will include an overview of; the hardware requirements, content available and in-development, content management system, and overall benefits and capabilities of virtual reality (VR) training. Lastly, a live demo will be conducted with multiple users training in one virtual environment. Lastly, the efforts of state one-calls and utility operators on VR development for Damage Prevention will be shared.


Virtual Reality (VR) training is one of the most engaging types of training available today. This type of training allows users, up to 16, in one virtual environment to enter a training environment and experience thousands of different randomized scenarios programmed into the training module. Once the trainee feels they understand the task, they can re-enter the environment and complete the training solo without any assistance. Any type of scenario, easy or difficult, can be programmed into virtual reality (VR) training. This type of training can be performed locally at one training center or across several states with up to 16 different people in the virtual environment. This will save organizations time and money while improving the training retention of their workforce.

  • Presenter: Mapcon, Urbint, GTI
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